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Product Information: OA-FHT-KI_14_MSV

Description: Inschroefknie 90 gr met binnen- en buitendraad Rp 1/4"
Item-Code: OA-FHT-KI_14_MSV
Packaging unit: 1
In stock:No
Price: € 1,78

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Vacuum threated fittings, plugs, endcaps, connections
vacuum pluggen, Vacuum plugs   Vacuum end caps, endcaps    T stukken   verdeelstukken    kniefittingen 
kniefittingen   Elbow fittings   Angle fittings   dubbelnippels   verloopnippels  
  Elbow fittings   Angle fittings    Sleeves/
reducing sockets

  Double nipples   
extension pices gradient rings           


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