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Directly controlled aeration valve. 

Type of actuation:
Direct control 
Nominal size: 4 mm
Connection 1: hose nozzle 6 mm
Operation pressure: max. vacuum 99,9 %
Duty cycle ED: 100%
Ambiant temperature: max. 80°C     

Enclosure protection: IP 00 IP 65 with power cord

Air valve 1             PDF Technical information air valve 4-6 serie           

   Volt AC/ DC  Power input  Current input      
Normally closed NC
AV_4_6_24V   24 Volt /DC 6,5 W 0,271 A      
AV_4_6_24VAC   24 Volt/ AC 8,5 VA 0,354 A      
AV_4_6_230VAC   230 Volt/AC 8,5 VA 0,039 A      

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