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Standard Solenoid coils - Magneetspoelen
Type  Voltage  Ampere  Watt  Connection 
COIL-ST-24DC  24VDC / 48VAC 125mA  3W  DIN B 
COIL-ST-24AC 24VAC / 12VDC 200mA 5VA DIN B
COIL-ST-230AC 230VAC / 110VDC 22mA 5VA DIN B
Speciale 24 V        
COIL-ST-24DC-FL 24VDC / 48VAC   6.5W Flying leads
COIL-ST-24DC-65 24VDC / 48VAC   6.5W DIN B

Standard plugs (for solenoid coils) - Standaard stekkers (voor magneetspoelen)
 Standard solenoid coli plug dimentions
                                     Size 0                           Size 1                               Size 3
Type  Plug size  Norm  Number of contacts  Hight Cable connection
PLUG-ST-00  Industrienorm C  27  M 12 
PLUG-ST-01 1 Industrienorm B 2 31 M 16
PLUG-ST-03 3 DIN/EN-A 2   M 16
Type Plug size Norm Size Kable connection Cable length
PLUG-ST-01LED-24V 1 Industrienorm B 20 x 30 M 16  
PLUG-ST-01-CABLE 1 Industrienorm B     3 meter

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