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CVT serie
Cylinder operation pressure: 2-10 bar
Working temperatuur: -20...70°C

Modules: AISI304
Rubber seals: EPDM
Elbow entrance: Polyurethane

Options: vacuum generators and filters 

Vacuum conveyors CVT serie  PDF Technical information vacuum conveyors CVT serie                  



Internal volume  Convey pipeline Ø 
CVT1-5                      1,5 Liter  30 
CVT-15                      15 Liter  40
CVT-20                      20 Liter  40 
CVT-41                      41 Liter  63 

CV-200 serie Local Suction 

Deposit made from 304 stainless steel specially designed for sution, transfer and subsequent emptying of liquids, either with or solids in suspension.

Compenents of the deposit:
  •  CAK2 ejector vacuum / pressure switch
  •  Safety valve filling
  • Silicone rubber gasket Ø 550 mm
  • 2 m Ø 40 mm hose with different interchangeable nozzle suction.
  • 2 m Ø 30 mm with a gun and for dosing the drain.
  • Fill level
  • Cage separation of suspended solids ( particles larger than Ø 3 mm) 
Vacuum conveyors CV-200 serie local suction  PDF Technical information vancuum converyors 200 serie                  
Internal volume  Max. allowable pressure Max.allowable vacuum Temperature  Materials  Weight 
CV-200              200  -1   -20...70 AISI 304  70 KG 

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