Manufacturing, supply & development of vacuum products
Vacuum gauges

Scale range: 0...-1/0...-100
Temperature: -20...+60°C
Temperature error: ±0,3% FS 
Accuracy: ±1,6% FS

vacuum gauges, vacuum meters, pressure meters, pressure gauges  PDF Technical information vacuum gauges                  
 Type bottom connection:  Ø Watch face Connection
Vacuum gage 40mm bottom connection, vacuum meter 40-VG-B    40  G 1/8" 
Vacuum gauge 65mm bottom connection, vacuum meter 65-VG-B    65  G 1/4" 
Vacuum gauge 100mm bottom connection, vacuum meter 100-VG-B    100  G 1/2" 
 Type with rear connection:       
Vacuum gauge 40mm rear connection, vacuum meter 40-VG-R    40  G 1/8" 
Vacuum gauge 65mm rear connection, vacuum meter 65-VG-R    65  G 1/4" 
 Type rear connection for panels:       
 Vacuum gauge 40mm rear connection panels, vacuum meter 40-VG-RP    40  G 1/8" 
 Type bottom connection and glycerine:       
  100-VG-GLY-B    100  G 1/2" 
 Type with rear connection and glycerine:       
  65-VG-GLY-R    65  G 1/4" 

Pressure gauges
Temperature: -20...+60°C
Temperature error: ±0,3% FS 
Accuracy: ± 2% FS
Vacuum gauges pressure  PDF Technical information vacuum gauges pressure                  
 Type with rear connection:  Scale range: Ø Watch face Connection
Pressure gauge 40mm rear connection, pressure meter   40-PG-R   0...+10  40  G 1/8" 
 Type pressure vacuum with rear conection:    

 Pressure gauge 65mm rear connection, pressure meter 65-PVAC   -1...+1,5  65 G 1/4"

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